Aside from No Additions To The New Confirmed Cases, Denpasar Also Records An Additional 2 Patients Recovered

 Aside from No Additions To The New Confirmed Cases, Denpasar Also Records An Additional 2 Patients Recovered


After recording the addition of new confirmed cases the day before, today Friday (May 8), Denpasar City again recorded zero addition of new positive cases of Covid-19. This good news was accompanied by the recovery of 2 Covid-19 patients.

According to the spokesperson for the Denpasar City Covid-19 Task Force, Dewa Gede Rai, the two recovered patients come from the Sanur Kauh Village and Tonja Village. Nevertheless Dewa Rai said that the existence of People Without Symptoms (OTG), which is the tracking results of the Covid-19 Task Force Team with the Village/Kelurahan, is the thing to watch out for together. “The existence of people without symptoms (OTG) should be watched out and become a threat to the health and safety of the community during the pandemic,” he explained.

Furthermore he said that from the tracking results, the Covid 19 Task Force surveillance team in Denpasar City found 64 cases with OTG status, because they are concerned had close contact with patients who tested positive for Covid-19. “So the community must remain vigilant and discipline complying the health protocol,” He hoped.

Meanwhile, for accumulative data to date, 40 Covid-19 patients have been confirmed recovered in Denpasar City after undergoing treatment at the hospital. While the confirmed positive cases was 62 people. The details are 40 recovered, 2 people died, and 20 people are still being treated. “Until now the results of tracking by teams in Denpasar were 260 people without symptoms (OTG), 259 people in monitoring (ODP), and 26 patients under surveillance (PDP),” he said.

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His party reminded the public to remain disciplined and vigilant, maintaining health protocols, not to be careless, because the coronavirus is still in the middle of the community. “If we ignore and do not apply strict health protocols, it is not impossible that there will be a surge in cases that are getting higher, this will certainly cause people to suffer longer because the people’s economy is paralyzed,” Dewa Rai warned.


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