Bisa Terbiasa Community Cleaned Mount Batukaru Climbing Paths From Plastic Waste

 Bisa Terbiasa Community Cleaned Mount Batukaru Climbing Paths From Plastic Waste


Public awareness in caring for the environment is still not optimal. For example in the climbing path of Mount Batukaru from Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel Sub-district, Tabanan Regency. Plastic rubbish can be easily found. “Mountains are a sanctified place. Its purity, beauty and cleanliness must be maintined,” said Bisa Terbiasa Community leader, Gede Ari Setiawan, at Luhur Batukau Temple, on Sunday May 3.

Ari Setiawan who was met after climbing Mount Batukaru confirmed that this mountain was sacred by Hindus. So, as a community that lives on the slopes of Mount Batukaru, it has become an obligation for his members to preserve and maintain the natural surroundings.

The Bisa Terbiasa Community member consits of young people from Wongaya Gede Village. When cleaning the hiking path of Mount Batukaru, they involving as many as 15 members. They began to climb to the top of the mountain from Batukau Temple on Saturday May 2 around 08.00 local time. They then went down the mountain and finished again at Batukau Temple on Sunday around 8:00 a.m. From this activity, the Bisa Terbiasa Community members managed to collecting about four large sacks of plastic waste.

“This is the beginning. We map areas with lots of plastic waste. In the future, we will find time to climb again. Indeed, it is not yet optimal, “Ari Setiawan said.

He added that most of them even though they were originally from Wongaya Gede Village, had never even climbed Mount Batukaru. Their passion climbs the mountain just to pick up plastic trash and have a little fun. “This mountain is the foundation of our lives on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. So, if this mountain is damaged, dirty, lots of plastic garbage, of course our lives are threatened. Therefore, we will give everything to keep what Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the God Almighty, has given to us, the Batukaru slope community, “said Ari Setiawan.

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The Bisa Terbiasa Community efforts to handling the environment, especially in the Wongaya Gede Village, although it is still not perfect, there have been results. For example, to reduce the scattered plastic waste, they install a special plastic waste container in each of the residents’ houses. Later the garbage is transported periodically to be sorted. The role of this community was also seen during the Karya Agung Pangurip Gumi ceremony at Luhur Batukau a few months ago.

They can minimize trash around the temple. Though the religious ceremony lasted for almost three months. The waste in the temple area they transport, then sorted between organic and inorganic. Likewise in the Pemelastian ceremony as part of the Karya Agung Pangurip Gumi ceremony, which lasted for four days and three nights, they always move to collect and clean up the rubbish scattered by the Pamedek (people who perform the ceremony or prayer). (MBP5)


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