Good News, Three Covid-19 Patients in Denpasar Recovered

 Good News, Three Covid-19 Patients in Denpasar Recovered


Good news comes amid the outbreak of Covid-19 in Denpasar city. Three residents who were previously positive for Covid-19 and treated at Wangaya Hospital, were confirmed recovered or negative for Covid-19 after undergoing treatment with two SWAB tests in the laboratory. The tests showed negative results and they were declared healthy and allowed to go home by doctors who take care of them. Two of three Covid-19 patients who were confirmed recovered are from Kelurahan Tonja and the rest from Sidekarya Village.

Spokesperson for the Denpasar City Covid-19 Mitigation Task Force, I Dewa Gede Rai when it was confirmed on Thursday, April 23, claimed to be grateful to hear information that 3 Denpasar residents who had previously tested positive for Covid-19 had now recovered or were negative for Covid-19, even had go back home. This is certainly good news for all of us amid this coronavirus pandemic.

“Of course on behalf of the Denpasar City Government we from the Covid-19 Task Force are grateful to hear the city residents who have recovered and can get through treatment well, of course this is a breath of fresh air in the hope that the coronavirus pandemic will end soon,” said Dewa Rai.

Even though 3 patients were confirmed recovered, he still reminded the public to stay vigilant and disciplined in conducting Healthy and Clean Living Behavior (PHBS) and following government directives.
“I ask that the public remain vigilant because there are still those who have people under monitoring (ODP), patients under supervision (PDP) and people without symptoms (OTG) status, the public must remain vigilant and disciplined,” he said.

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Dewa Rai further expressed his gratitude to the medical team who had the maximum duty as the frontline in handling this coronavirus pandemic.

“Representing the Government, and the Covid-19 Task Force, and the people of Denpasar city, I would like to express my gratitude to the entire medical team and task force members who have served maximally, also to the Covid 19 Task Force, from the level of Denpasar City until Village and Kelurahan who continue to work day and night, conducting prevention efforts and providing socialization to the community, “he said.

Dewa Rai also urged people to always increase their vigilance, and must always wear a mask. Considering Bali, especially Denpasar city is still adding new positive cases. “Today (Thursday) there are 3 new positive cases in Denpasar city. After the SWAB test there are 3 new cases and all three are migrant workers,” Dewa Rai said.

He added that with 3 new positive cases, cumulatively there have been a total of 40 Covid-19 cases in Denpasar city. From the data and developments of the Covid-19 case in Denpasar, Dewa Rai urged the public to increase awareness, discipline and always comply government directives, stay at home, must wear a mask and maintain clean and healthy lifestyle by washing hands with soap in the running water, protect yourself protect others. (MBP/r)


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