In Bali, The Number of Patients Recovered From COVID-19 Continues to Increase

 In Bali, The Number of Patients Recovered From COVID-19 Continues to Increase


The number of patients who have been recovered from Covid-19 to Sunday, April 26, reached 75 people. This number increased by 5 compared to the day before, which were all Indonesian migrant workers (PMI). This was stated by the Regional Secretary of Bali Province and Chief of COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force of Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra in a press statement.

According to him, cumulatively the number of positive patients has reached 186 people. This number has increased again by 3 who are Indonesian migrant workers. Meanwhile, the number of positive patients treated or active cases is 107 people, which is spread in 10 hospitals, and quarantined at the Bapelkesmas. “For the number of patients who died there are still 4 people,” he said

According to Dewa Indra, the number of positive cases in Bali is still largely dominated by imported cases. Meanwhile, the number of local transmission reached 41 people. Thus, he said that there are still people who do not make efforts to prevent Covid-19. Such as the use of masks, washing hands, physical distancing and others. “For that, once again, in suppressing the case of local transmission, the community must be aware and disciplined in making efforts to prevent this virus,” he hoped. (MBP1)

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