Prevent Covid-19, Kuta Customary Village Guards The Government’s Appeals

 Prevent Covid-19, Kuta Customary Village Guards The Government’s Appeals


Kuta Customary Village is intensively conducting regional patrols to ensure health protocols in preventing Covid-19 are implemented properly. The customary village have also taken policies that are considered important for securing the area, but of course in line with government regulations.

Encountered while on patrol on Tuesday evening, April 21, Head of Kuta Customary Village Wayan Wasista said that his party routinely conducts patrols throughout the area. The patrol focus on points that could potentially be a place to gather.

If there are people crowding in large numbers, Pecalang, the traditional guards, immediately urges them to disperse. Of course this process is done through a humanist approach.

During the operation, he also wants to ensure that operational restrictions for traditional markets, modern stores and culinary places are fully implemented. His party does not want the wider community to be affected by people who do not comply with the regulations.

Not only that, his party has also closed Kuta Beach to the public, as a follow up to the Badung Regent circular. Kuta Customary Village has installed a barrier fence at each entrance to the world famous beach area. The goal is to prevent those who are still forced to enter the coastal area. (MBP1)

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